"The position I need to fill is very specialized and unique. You certainly fit that criteria."
-Tony Morton, Matthews International

"Doing makeup is something that makes you happy and that you are insanely good at."
-Frank Roberts, Frank Lee Roberts Photography

"You are much further along than you should be with your makeup skills."
-Rick Hughes, Rick Hughes Photography

"She got me about 300 sets of film inside of two months. I couldn't have done it without her."
-Kelly Wilson, Rock-Tenn Company

"Out of about 40 boxes [done within a week's time], I believe I only sent 5 or so back for corrections. Wow, Jennifer. Thank you."
-Cathy Purdom, Purolator Produccts, Co.

"Thanks for all your help. You went above and beyond the call of duty."
-Sissy Long, Rock-Tenn Company

"Thanks to you, Jennifer, for all the hard work!"
-Fred Guerra, Michael Angelo's

"When they told us we'd be working with you, it was a no-brainer decision!"
-Duane McDonald, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"I like working with you, Jenn. You're very good at what you do AND you're funny. An added bonus in my opinion."
-Cathy Purdom, Purolator Products, Co.

"As soon as we got [a new program] in, you jumped right in to learn it without hesitation or instruction. I love that!"
-Brian Daniel, Matthews International

"I'd rather go through you than anyone else."
-Tim Cairns, Michael Angelo's

"I thought this account was going to become a major headache for me, but you ... took it and ran with it, and now they can't live without us!"
-Kevin Williams, Vertis, Inc.

"Thank you so much for your input, design and creativity... We couldn't have done this without you!"
-Kim Halverson, Killer Seafood

Personal References available upon request.

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